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Social Security was intended to help Americans finance their retirements. What if there was another another way?
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Why End Social Security?

Social Security is among the most destructive frauds to have ever afflicted humanity. Don’t be a victim.

Government is helpless to protect you from Social Security. The system was designed to confiscate property from our country’s politically vulnerable youth and redistribute that property to politically invulnerable seniors. By the time a lower or middle class employee has reached retirement age, roughly 12.4 percent of his or her lifelong wealth has been eliminated by Social Security taxes. As such many are dependent on Social Security income. Not even the most fiscally conservative constituencies have any power to convince citizens to abstain from the benefits they have been promised after a lifetime of this crippling taxation. Few imagine what kind of retirement would have been possible if that income had been invested privately for their own financial welfare. End Social Security offers hope.


What Can I Do?

End Social Security seeks claimants who wish to be reimbursed for their Social Security taxes. The only condition for this reimbursement is a willingness to return all Social Security income received upon retirement to one or more young people willing to do the same. This pledge entitles members to this reimbursement.

End Social Security also seeks sponsors who wish to return their Social Security income to current employees who have signed this pledge.

Collectively, we are slaves to Social Security.

Take Charge of Your Financial Future

The personal savings rate is slowly rising but the high rate of "forced contributions" for Social Security (6.2%) and Medicare (1.4%) really limit the individual. The amount the government confiscates for Social Security and Medicare cuts so deeply into a worker's salary, Social Security (and Medicare) take away the full potential of personal savings by working Americans.


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