About End Social Security

Social Security afflicts every U.S. citizen with debilitating taxation, depriving us all of our capacity for financial independence.

The Social Security Act was passed as an emergency response to the travesty of the Great Depression, and initially levied a 1% tax on the first $3000 in earnings (under assurances that this amount would never be raised). Today, the first 12.4% of our lifelong earnings are confiscated from our paychecks to finance Social Security. It does not take a finance professional to estimate what 12.4% of the average wage earner’s lifelong wealth, responsibly invested, would afford them in a free market…a retirement far more comfortable than anything promised by Social Security.

Social Security was intended to provide a ‘safety net’ for those afflicted by the hardships of the 1930’s…hardships that today would afflict an estimated 5% of the population (Social Security taxes notwithstanding). Of course, it is the affliction of Social Security taxes themselves that doom many to hardship today. These are taxes that were levied without our consent, before we were born, and instituted such that they would be impossible to repeal. These insidious ‘contributions,’ half of which are never even reported to us because they are paid by our employer as a tax on our employment, are quietly dooming us to servitude and dependence on government assistance in old age. This disaster of central economic planning is only permissible because, like in Soviet Russia, the crippling effects to individual prosperity are hidden by a slow and subtle descent to economic impoverishment. We can never know the capabilities of a population in chains.

Today, after the fall of the Soviet Union, and after the countless examples of the disastrous effects of central economic planning, here, we, the home of the free, are seemingly permanently enslaved by this relic of Bolshevik ideology opportunistically thrust upon the American population. Despite a nation whose foundation was dedicated to the very principles and rights attacked by Social Security, we find ourselves helpless to escape it. Indeed, taxation without representation and involuntary servitude to the elderly are enforced by law in this country, and no political means are available to escape them.

As such, End Social Security seeks to use voluntary means to reverse the harmful consequences of this politically invulnerable program. Where before escape from Social Security theft was impossible, End Social Security offers the hope of a way out.

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